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5 Little Known Healthy Lifestyle Habits

When we talk about healthy lifestyle habits, we usually remember the most popular ones. Drink lots of water, drink fruits and vegetables, exercise … However, there are many other habits that are just as important that we sometimes overlook. Today we want to remember the lesser known:

1.Prevent before cure

Perform  routine checkups , mainly dermatological, gynecological, dental, as well as blood tests.  The basis of healthy lifestyle habits is preparing for whatever may happen. For this reason, control and prevention are so necessary.

2.Correct your posture

Back pain is one of the most widespread and easiest to prevent ailments. Doing flexibility exercises and stretching through  Pilates or yoga  are actions that require little time and with which you achieve great well-being.

3.Neither flat shoe nor heel

The daily average of steps stipulated to lead a healthy life is 10,000 daily . What happens if we do it with inappropriate footwear? A shoe with too much heel causes, among other ailments, tendonitis, bunions, sprains, osteoarthritis and arthritis. On the other hand, a shoe that is too flat causes cramps, muscle aches and contractures by transmitting all terrain imperfections.

4. make a break

Although the most well-known risk factors (tobacco, cholesterol, hypertension) are an important part, it is proven that psychological factors are also a source of many cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, angina pectoris or myocardial infarction. Therefore, finding small moments of rest during the day favors stress reduction.

5. Rest your eyes

Usually, the eyes get very dry on the days that we make continuous use of the computer or smartphone . This can damage them in addition to generating visual stress and even eyestrain and myopia . Therefore, it is necessary to keep the screen at least 50 cm away and apply eye drops when we notice your dry eyes.