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List of Draining Foods and Liquids

With the arrival of summer  , fluid retention  increases  .  That sensation that makes us feel as if we have suddenly gained weight and that has as a consequence that we see ourselves with a  bulging abdomen  ,  our  legs  feel  heavier   and our hands swell more frequently than usual, being more evident at last hour of the day. Fluid retention is a problem mostly suffered by women, as they have an easier time retaining them. In addition, if the woman is in the days before her period, is pregnant or in the months before menopause, the possibility of retaining fluids is greater. Stress and a fast pace of life cause a higher probability of retention. Fluid retention is   the manifestation of fluid extravasation in the subcutaneous tissue of the legs and feet and, to a lesser extent, of the arms and hands.  It is usually a minor symptom in relation to heat or long hours on your feet, but on other occasions it is a symptom of systemic diseases. For this reason, we want to share wi

The Best Exercises to Tone Legs and Buttocks

October is the month in which we return with charged batteries to resume our healthy lifestyle habits after overcoming the return to the routine of September. Ice creams, dinners away from home and the occasional extra beer are to blame because now with the onset of autumn, we want to recover or improve our figure. Many of us joined the gym on September 1 full of good goals,  we want to join in these good goals and we give you a list of perfect toning exercises to reaffirm legs and buttocks. How to tone legs and buttocks: 1. Squats with dumbbells:  Squats are the quintessential exercise to define legs and glutes. The muscles you use when squatting are the same muscles you use for jumping, running, and sprinting, so you will have more endurance, and squats burn a lot of calories and  stimulate the cardiovascular system. The weight of the dumbbell should be decided by you gradually, as you see that your body is gaining strength and muscle mass. Do sets of 15 squats, 3 or 4 t

5 Little Known Healthy Lifestyle Habits

When we talk about healthy lifestyle habits, we usually remember the most popular ones.  Drink lots of water, drink fruits and vegetables, exercise  … However, there are many other habits that are just as important that we sometimes overlook. Today we want to remember the lesser known: 1.Prevent before cure Perform   routine checkups  , mainly  dermatological, gynecological, dental,  as well as  blood tests.   The basis of healthy lifestyle habits is preparing for whatever may happen. For this reason, control and prevention are so necessary. 2.Correct your posture Back pain is one of the most widespread and easiest to prevent ailments. Doing  flexibility  exercises  and stretching  through   Pilates or yoga   are actions that require little time and with which you achieve great well-being. 3.Neither flat shoe nor heel The daily average of steps stipulated to lead a healthy life is  10,000 daily  . What happens if we do it with inappropriate footwear? A  shoe with too much heel  

Foods to Prevent Aging

Our skin faces pollution, stress, fatigue, etc. every day. A series of factors that over the years make us see ourselves differently in the mirror, although our vitality is that of 10 years ago. As much as we are people with a young spirit, time passes for everyone and at some point age comes to your body. However, there are many ways to make yourself feel comfortable in front of the mirror. Apart from creams and treatments that you can carry out to prevent aging, diet is essential not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to look younger. The key is to eat foods that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This is especially found in foods that contain Vitamins A, C and E, minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium. Here is a list of foods that help us prevent aging: Avocado.  It has moisturizing properties, it also stimulates the formation of collagen and is a great source of Vitamin E, potassium and antioxidants, so we can achieve a better appearance of the skin than

Benefits of Water for Our Skin

Everyone knows that we should  drink a minimum of one and a half liters of water  daily . We know that it is healthy for our body but exactly  why is it good to drink so much water?  Does drinking water also affect our physical appearance? What happens if we hardly drink water? The phrase "water is life" is not made by chance. Our body is made up of approximately 60% water, and thanks to this, substances and nutrients are transported from one side to another, in addition, it  is a source of energy for our body  as well as a regulator of body temperature. However, it must be taken into account that every day we lose a lot of water through sweat, urine and even through breathing. That is why it is necessary to maintain optimal water levels in our body for good hydration and proper functioning of the body. But, in addition to being healthier,  what benefits does water have for our physical appearance? The best treatment against wrinkles.  Hydration of the body also inc

6 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water Every Day

Do you know what are the properties of coconut water? All  products derived from coconut  translate into benefits for you, but  coconut water  in particular means well-being for your entire body. If you are one of those who did not know, we give you  6 reasons to drink coconut water  and incorporate it into your  healthy recipes  whenever you can. 6 health benefits of coconut water. 1- Energy contribution. A cup of  coconut water  contains more potassium than a banana. Potassium regulates the heart rate and improves  muscle function  . It also improves the performance of the electrolytes of your nervous system and your cognitive performance. Outcome? A brain full of energy, better endurance and physical recovery. 2- It favors digestion. Drinking coconut water before your meals will serve as a digestive tonic, this will prevent abdominal ailments, stomach flu, constipation, parasite formation and infections. It will also improve the absorption of food and your digestion. Although